Who’ll Take Manhattan?

Living Room of Manhattan Lofts Unit 808, Houston

This delightful unit has lingered on the market for a mere 22 months. That’s a long wait for a condo bubble that never happened. And hey, it ‘s a fun ride down the price ladder!

The grossly oversized two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath corner unit on the top floor of the misplaced Manhattan building in the Galleria was originally priced at $2.1 million, back in the swelled-heady days of February 2006. Five methodical price drops later, we’ve reached $1,695,000. That’s a lot of cuts, but we’re still not even down 20 percent: how low will the program-trading-style reductions go?

After the jump, more pics of the . . . uh, eclectic interior.


Bedroom of Manhattan Lofts Unit 808, Houston

Gallery of Manhattan Lofts Unit 808, Houston

Living Room of Manhattan Lofts Unit 808, Houston

Wasn’t this pad featured as Houstonist’s Shelterporn back in October? The price has dropped twice since then, but everything’s relative, notes commenter Jason Dibley:

I will gladly take the entirety of those 4833 sqft over the 600 +/- and no view that the LES has to offer. I will additionally NOT put roundish sofas in a roundish room. Between that and the mirrored bathroom-fest, those photos make it out to be one slippery step away from a big ole coke den.

Exterior of Manhattan Lofts Unit 808, Houston

Another advantage of those spectacular Galleria-area views from this eighth-floor Manhattan unit and its dainty little cupola: You won’t have to see this building in the foreground!

C’mon, doesn’t anyone want a 4,833-square-foot two-bedroom anymore?