Who’s Gonna Get These Museum Park Blues?

A builder working on these bungalows at 4204 and 4208 Crawford St. says the owner is freshening them up into rental properties. The Museum Park pair sat side by side on the market for about a year until they were purchased back in April, county records show. Dating to 1929, the roughly 1,100-sq.-ft. houses each have 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. They sit 2 blocks north of Wheeler at Crawford and Eagle St., near where the Southwest Fwy. vaults over Midtown.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • I applaud the builders dedication to revitalization, it’s to be commended, however, this is the wrong shade of blue, Colonial Blue is correct for this style not Hospital sign blue, it cheapens the aesthetic, otherwise, Bravo

  • :o

  • Looks cute. I like the color. Brightly colored old homes are so very Gulf Coast to me.

  • Uh Shihaya, this isn’t Gulf Shores or Biloxi, we aren’t exactly on the coast, you might could make an arguement if this house were in Galveston, you see Galveston is actually ON the coast, so your bold garish colors may work there, but never in the historic East End—ugh, God Forbid

  • It’s that blue so it’s more festive while the home’s mold, asbestos, and lead are killing the occupants slowly.

  • @Shannon, let me guess, your house is beige? This blue is awesome. And this house is not colonial architecture. It’s pretty American Bungalow as far as I can tell. P.S. you sound like real snoot.

  • Shannon–Just out of curiosity, are you an interior designer or architect by trade?

  • I’d agree with you, if houses that are ONLY fifteen miles or fewer from the coast followed your guidelines. They just don’t, in my experience. Bright houses range up to I-10 and a little further, generally. A pretty large number of Gulf Coast folks from Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida have moved here in the last decade, I’ve noticed. I see no reason not to incorporate their style, or to tell a Galvestonian who moves here “You can’t paint that!”, or to even check the Gulf Coast cred of anyone who wants to paint this.

    Besides, not all historic paint colors are dim. This variation may push the edge, but it really isn’t a sore thumb. It personalizes the home while retaining, as you rightly point out, its other characteristics.

  • The color is great. I do wish the brick porch piers hadn’t been painted though.

  • Gulf coast or not, I dig it.

  • Never underestimate the ability of swamplot commenters to find something to complain about.

  • Love the color!

  • Like the color or not, the house looks a hell of a lot better than before, and that’s all I care about these days.

  • Future crack houses?

  • I kinda wanted pale pink for those

  • I love the dark periwinkle color and the rehab on the interior is very nice with stairs added to create a loft space in the attic. Great simple, comfortable floor plan and thoughtful renovation.