Why Houston Real Estate Appears To Be Priced Perfectly — For Now

Remember that new feature we added recently — the Swamplot Price Adjuster — where we’ve been spotlighting homes that readers believe are priced poorly for today’s market?

Why didn’t it appear on Swamplot yesterday?

Because none of you sent in nominations! Really . . . is it all going so swimmingly out there? Has the market settled down, with nothing too high or too low?

C’mon: We’ll need a steady stream of nominations to make this work. Send us links to properties whose asking prices you think could use some adjustment. Tell us about the place, and explain why you think a fix is needed. Then pick a better price! (Unless you request otherwise, we’ll always keep submissions to the Swamplot Price Adjuster anonymous.)

We’ll feature the best nominations on Swamplot Price Adjuster. And then we’ll have some fun with it again, no?