Why We Do What We Do

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO From Michael Reed, the River Oaks/Bellaire/West University/Memorial Examiner newspaper reporter who’s been covering the long, strange tale of the Wilshire Village Apartments all the way from the evictions last year to the recent mysterious weed-tag flare-up: “You know, I figure if all the Wilshire stories combined have caused just one person to rent ‘Blow Up’ my work is complete.” [Swamplot inbox] Photo: Michael Reed, River Oaks Examiner

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  • Chin up, Michael! Thousands of people read your work and the stuff on this blog – and we totally appreciate what you do. Only a few people leave comments, and occasionally the thoughts stray. But in this instance you have to blame Gus for the awesome film reference. People couldn’t help but chime in.
    Keep up the good work, and maybe Gus can throw in some sort of Wes Anderson film reference to make more people happy (or not).

  • Michael makes us unappreciate the Houston
    Chronicle even more. Which doesn’t run an increasing number of stories it seems…

  • Yeah, I rented it, but only after a compulsive review Deckard’s techniques first.