Windchimes Cinema 8 Has Sold Its Last $2 Movie Ticket

It used to just be a buck, until “about 10 years ago it went to $2,” writes a moviegoer. By then the theater had already been around for decades in the back of its namesake Wind Chimes Shopping Center at Westheimer and Eldridge — once the setting itself of a movie shot by a local production company. Following roughly 40 years there, “It was just about the last dollar movie open in Houston,” the former patron declares. (Still around, notes the sign, is the North Oaks Cinema 6 at FM 1960 and Stuebner Airline — where the same owners will sell you a $2 ticket to see any of 8 selections right now.)

What that price got you at Windchimes: admission to feature films that hadn’t quite made it to DVD yet after finishing up their time in first-run theaters. And on top of that, arcade games:


They spanned the hallway adjacent to the concessions:

The 73,096-sq.-ft. space went up for lease early last year, according to a listing. Though it’s currently locked up, its lights and signage remain illuminated for now.

Photos: Alex M. (exterior); Caroline R. (arcade); Eddie S. (concessions); Swamplox inbox (sign)


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  • My family and I have enjoyed that theater for over 20 year’s! Hell I went there when I was married to my other 2 Husbands! And that’s been a WHILE! We were in SHOCK that they abruptly closed down! NO warning, no nothing, just up and gone overnight. I really hope all the workers got to go to better jobs, because they we’re great!!! I will miss them SO very much! BUT the one memory I have is their free popcorn card, and lots of pictures of ghosts! My Husband and I were there the night of the Memorial day “perfect storm” flooding! That night was a living NIGHTMARE! SO sad to see such a wonderful, bring your entire family staple go to the dogs so to speak. I’m literally gonna cry! LOL

  • Man i been going to this theater since i was a little kid and now my son has its really sad its now closing down i will truly miss this place goodbye windchimes cinema 8

  • Sad to see them close. I was a customer for years. And im thankful to say that I was the last customer for this location. On Labor Day Sept 4, i went for the last showing of Hereditary at 9:40. Upon leaving my car wouldnt start so i had to ask an employee for a jumpstart. Thats when i was informed that was their last day. Its an honor.

  • Awe the best Pop Corn in Town, I’m gonna missthem

  • Wow did not know was planning on taking the grand kids tomorrow. They had the best popcorn in the city to me. Sad to say goodbye

  • I used to visit regularly, years ago. Almost always played an arcade game before seeing a movie.

  • One of my buddies in high school was a projectionist and another friend worked the ticket booth. So when the one working the ticket booth wasn’t letting me in for free, the other was letting me watch from the projection booth with him.
    Yeah, I was so cheap I didn’t pay to go to the dollar theater. But I got to watch a lot of movies in the theater, and I don’t regret a thing.

  • Its a shame that the Wind Chimes theater is closed. While it probably had not seen an update since the 1980’s, the facilities (notably bathrooms) were cleaner than most other movie theaters.

  • I would like to receive additional information regarding the sale of the movie theatre

  • Things must change. Windchimes will sorely missed but never forgotten. Last movie saw was King Kong Skull Island.

  • Nooo….I’ve been coming here for years!! My kids grew up here. I hope the employees found something. They were all so kind! All the BEST and thanks for the good times.

  • I moved away from Houston in Sept 2016. I plan on visiting this week and was searching to see what was playing at my favorite theater that holds many precious memories. This theater affordable movies help me get through the darkest hour of my life. Thank you Windchimes. I’m sad to have learned your doors are not closed.

  • I have gone there for thirty five years, it’s a shame.