Wine Bar Headed for Doggy Day Care Bungalow at the Corner of W. Alabama and Graustark

Renovations are about to begin at 1304 W. Alabama in order to turn the shuttered dog boarding facility into a new wine bar. The former doghouse, dubbed Jackson’s Place, was originally converted from a 1928 bungalow. It advertised itself as a “cage-free pet resort,” and bakery that not only cared for pets, but also fed them with “yummy, all natural dog treats and pastries, made from premium ingredients.” The business closed down about 2 months ago, but an additional location remains open on Dunlavy 2 blocks south of W. Gray.

A lawn sign identifying Jackson’s Place has since been yanked from former its yard on the corner of Graustark St. — 2 doors down from hot dog restaurant Good Dog’s Montrose location — and the building’s windows are now browned out with paper. A construction permit issued yesterday for the space names Light Years Wine as its new occupant.

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  • Drinks while waiting for your dog to be groomed sounds like another business model…

  • I would think that cage-free pet boarding requires a lot of space, not to mention fitting in a bakery. Maybe that tiny bungalow is a TARDIS portal to much more spacious environs. Or just bad business execution.

  • Groggy Day Care.

  • I remember in the 90’s that bungalow was “The Hemp Store”! There was a big huge old palm tree outside in front.

  • Here we go again. Another structure I’ve interacted with. Played with a hottie w ho lived there in the 80’s.