With Fox Hollow, the Washington Corridor Gastro Zone Moves North

This 1960-vintage warehouse on the corner of Nett and Parker, a couple blocks north of Washington Ave, is the latest project of Augustine Bui and Jornell Aveledo, 2 of the original creators and operators of Midtown’s Bond Lounge. Still under construction, it’s scheduled to open October 6th as Fox Hollow, a gastro lounge featuring cocktails in vintage stemware, “locally-sourced, organic dishes” on antique plates, second-hand outfits for the waitstaff and bartenders, plus a buildout that makes use of sheet metal and other materials the owners found in the space during construction. What second-hand goods they couldn’t find on-site they imported: door frames from Paris, stained-glass windows. That “used” theme sounds appropriate for a place directly across the street from Nox Bar.


Fox Hollow will take up about half the space of the building at 4617 Nett — the rest is available for a “future restaurant,” according to the plans. A house across the street at 4618 sacrificed itself last month so that the new venue could have its own parking lot.

Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • Note to self: Don’t use the condom machine at Fox Lounge.

  • I’d say the appropriateness of this establishment in this location ranks higher than a Walmart and lower than a locally owned boutique. It’s definitely better than a loud club but not as good as a trendy organic restaurant. It’s better than a chain restaurant but the trying-too-hard to be hipper than hip attitude is overdone.

    Overall, this smells like a combination of mothballed clothes, mildew, and failure to me.

  • I am excited to see the finished product, I have seen prior projects from these guys and have not been dissapointed. It is in a strong location next to the last decent club in the Washington area.

  • This is an upscale lounge with better than bar food. love it. stop hating people, cuz you haven’t even set foot in the door. p.s. go shop at saks (which i doubt you do) if second hand clothes are too good for you.