Great New Indoors Replacing The Old Great Indoors

If you like intensely cinematic video renderings of former housewares stores set to a really rocking soundtrack, you’re going to love this one: It’s Block 10 West Office Park! This screenshot from the video shows how developer Hicks Ventures plans to maintain fidelity to the original I-10 site near Beltway 8, retaining the parking lot that used to front the former Great Indoors, which Sears sold along with 9 other stores about a year ago.


The former 135,000-sq.-ft. big box sits on the north side of I-10, across from Town & Country Village. The screenshots below show ideas for the interior, with an eating nook where future office parkers might feed their faces. Real Estate Bisnow‘s Catie Dixon reports that Hicks will announce more details about the project later this month.

Images: Hicks Ventures

One Comment

  • Ironically the glass facade is strikingly similar to a designed, but never built Great Indoors store prototype that was slated to open in 2004. The prototype coincided with the merger of Sears with Kmart when all new concept development (and gross profit) for Sears ceased.Pity.