With the Toppling of Kicks, the Era of Indoor Soccer on Shepherd Has Come to a Crashing End

Demolition of Kicks Indoor Soccer, 611 Shepherd Dr., Rice Military, Houston

Here’s a view of the scene this morning at 611 Shepherd Dr., which until late last year was the home of Kicks Indoor Soccer. The metal structure that housed the indoor artificial-turf field and bar is being kicked to the curb in anticipation of a new apartment complex planned by Mill Creek Residential, which is now in control of the full block bounded by Shepherd, Floyd, Blossom, and Durham, lodged between Rice Military and Magnolia Grove.

Photo: Mosaic Clinic

Kicks Out

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  • I’m sure the Woodrows location across the street is thrilled about a couple hundred people moving in next door. Good for them.

  • Yaaaaaaayyyy, more apartments…..

  • Wow – I hardly knew you Kicks indoor soccer.

  • Kicks also hosted roller derby. They would pull up the artificial turf and lay down roller rink flooring. It was a hulking place, but the indoor soccer summer camps were a godsend for what to do with the kids during the summer. More apartments, ugh. Between this one and the pile going in at 1111 Durham, plus the Stupid Shepherd Train, traffic on Shepherd/Durham is going to get bad.

  • Another false assertion that apartments will create site-specific congestion. Sorry, apartment haters, but that’s just not really true. While adding a greater concentration of residents in an area will create more traffic over a general portion of the street network, apartments don’t specifically create much increase in traffic on a specific street segment – certainly not in the way retail and office uses do.

  • Exactly Local Planner, there’s a huge new wrap complex down the street from us and it has been a non-event, in fact, we don’t notice more folks at our local haunts. Maybe if you’re paying $1,600 for 650 square feet you eat pb&j at home.

    and yes, the complex has reached stabilized occupancy

  • “Sprawl sucks, more people should move into the core.”
    “Oh, no, not more townhomes! They’re so ugly!”
    “Oh, no, not more apartments! There goes the neighborhood!”

  • Good times, good times. :( RIP Kicks.

  • “Kicks also hosted roller derby. They would pull up the artificial turf and lay down roller rink flooring.” Actually it was much more of a process than that. I played my first year of roller derby at Kicks. We would lay a huge tarp (cut into four giant pieces) over the turf, lay down hundreds of sheets of plywood with little metal clips to help hold them together and then lay the skating surface on top of that. This work was done by the skaters and a whole bunch of volunteers hours before the once monthly games began. After the games, we’d pick it all back up again. This was the main reason Houston Roller Derby only played at Kicks for one season back in 2009. Would have been a great venue for derby if it weren’t for the astroturf and the lack of sufficient parking.

  • As someone who already lives right across the street, I just wish it were going to be something useful to me, like, I dunno, an actual grocery store between 11th and West Gray. Oh well.