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  • Reminds me of “Beverly Hillbillies” haha

  • Some RE agent or owner think they’re extremely clever.

  • Lots of photos…..of the cement pond. No critters running everywhere?

  • After eatin our Vittles we can clear off the table for some billyards

  • 101 uses for a pool table…Tenants probably moved into a smaller home and decided to jetison the pool table. I like the idea of using it as a dinner table, then pulling off the tablecloth and playing a few rounds afterwards. Finally, when the evening is over, grab the blankets and pillows and use it as a bed.

  • Oh man, they got one of dem fancy eatin’ tables!

    Pretty dang funny! Notice the rack with the cue sticks still in the corner as well.

  • I like the description in one photo of “Recently installed doors to open the inside of house to the outside.” Just in case you didn’t know what a door was for, I guess.

  • Why would anyone need four sinks in their bathroom?