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  • So they tried to be ‘fancy’ enough to hire a photographer with a tripod, but SuperFail on having said tripod IN the shot.

  • My eyes are bleeding after looking through those pictures. What the hell kind of filter did they use? They are like a cross between a painting and HDR.

  • Why the extremely ornate and unique sink, then a nice, but basic, toilet. The basic white plastic Decora switches and switch plate also don’t belong in a room that decorated.

  • @jd – sadly, i don’t think that is a filter – according to the realtor notes, there’s “subtle faux painting throughout.”
    methinks ms. van joslin doesn’t quite know the meaning of the word “subtle.”

    @lawrence – you use the word “decorated;” i do not think it means what you think it means. ;op

    no, but seriously, i agree. if you’re gonna go all-in on decorating, go all-in. elevendy-thousands of dollars on paint, wall coverings, draperies, marble and more, and you use a $129 toilet? a $1.29 light switch plate? and what’s with leaving the one, lonely dorm room-esque twin bed in that one room? the house is clearly not lived in, and yet there’s that one, sad little bed. like the sad little dog wandering around in the first picture.

    also @cody – you’re right on the photographer; tripod in the shot – fail. broken light in the empty planter in the shot – fail. fancy ground-angle shot of the patio… with the hose in the corner of it – fail.

  • I’ve always found the bathroom to be a good time to reflect.

  • I love the “seller finance will be considered”. For some reason har has a fit when you put that in notes. Ive been warned several times for doing that.

    Personally I wish more people did seller finance and wraps.