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  • That is actually pretty cute. But I cannot understand why a high end custom home like this has hardi plank on the rear elevation. How much more would it cost to do brick that matches the front in the back? Or have people become so used to bad design that they actually think that it looks good to have hardi plank on the back of a brick house?

  • @ Old School, so many of the Woodlands houses built in the 80s had that funky siding made out of peg board/MDF material on the back. Of the houses I have sold, they either have replaced with Hardie, or the original siding is rotting or puffed like a sponge, or both. I don’t get it, either.

  • Overpriced nothing about this home says it is worth 1.7 mill overpriced by 500k to 800k.

  • Man, wish I could sell my place for over 3.5 x my tax assessment. What am I doing wrong?