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  • This empty-nester wouldn’t dare climb a ladder like that, unless overcome by a death wish.

  • With my vertigo, I’d fall off long before I had a chance to find the book I wanted! That might be unique but certainly not practical. I don’t want to climb a mountain to retrieve a book.

  • “Crinkleroot,” hee hee hee!

  • Whatevs. You should see 44 Crunklehoof!

    They have a Star Wars figures display suspended in lucite above the hot tub.

  • Crinkleroot…. The best woodlands street name I’ve found is “Morningwood” ….. Seriously

  • My problem isn’t climbing it; I’ve dreamed of a library lined so high along the walls that I need a railed ladder. No, the problem is that, as it slides side-to-side across the thru-way, folks will walk or stumble into it a lot.