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  • L i’ll be!

  • When Robert Wallace was a small boy, his mother took him to get an eye exam. After reading off all the letters from the chart, the Optometrist told him that he would probably need glasses for the rest of his life. “Yeah – you only missed one letter, but it was the biggest one!” After that, he was the target of endless bullying at school, and struggled to make any friends. He grew up alone, never marrying, and he became a recluse – living at 27 Hildene Way. He died recently, and inside his home they discovered his nemesis: The letter “L”

  • Current owner *is* a doctor, but not for eyes, instead an ob/gyn oncologist. Last name starts with L, which explains the mysterious capital ells. Still no explanation for the eye chart.

  • Another Patrick Berrios designed house. I used to like them but they’ve gotten too busy, too dainty, and became all exactly the same.