Woodlands Vacancies on the Rise; The Pre-Super Bowl Restaurant Rush


Photo of San Jacinto monument: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • So okay, my mind is a bit blown that Metro would change the station name from Reliant Park (which a notable percentage of Houstonians still assume is the correct name) to that of an empty warehouse long overdue for demolition. It’s as dumb as well, taking the names of a bunch of spectacularly failed treasoners off our public schools and then turn around and still name them after people. So dumb.

  • Some empty warehouses are culturally significant historic landmarks which dominate the urban landscape in the vicinity of the light rail stop in question and are about to recieve sizable investments toward their continued use and longevity. You don’t have to appreciate that fact, but METRO’s decision to include the word “Astrosome” in the name is perfectly sensible in that context; if anything, that clunky and nondescript “Stadium Park” portion ought to be axed.

  • MORE hotels in Shenandoah!
    Stop already.
    Sure there are increasing amts of events – swim meets, road races, the Ren Fest, Pavilion concerts – but these hotels will never be full year-round due to the other 9 there, plus those in Spring (south), the 27 close to I-45 in The Woodlands/Market Street and in the 13 in Conroe (north).
    Why does everything around Houston have to get OVER-BUILT before the inevitable market correction?!?!

  • * “Astrodome”

  • I feel like “Astrodomain” would have it covered both ways.

  • Or “Astrosoma”, since the whole argument surrounding it is tired