Work Begins on Sunset Coffee Building; Storage Unit Living

Paris Theater, 4010 Old Spanish Trail, Houston

Photo of Paris Theater, 4010 Old Spanish Trail: David Hollas


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  • If Grand Texas Theme Park is going to open in the spring of 2015, they better get cracking.

  • The appropriate headline for the second to last story would be “Kiddie Train Crashes into Car at Hermann Park”. Regardless of who is at fault in the accident, the train clearly hit the car in the side, not the other way around. +1 for melodrama. -1 for journalistic integrity.

  • I know many Swamplot readers have seen this before, but in honor of todays double dose of train crash stories, here’s a link to the Greatest Hits montage from Metro onboard cameras:

    P.S. How adorable is it that the kiddie train is trying to be like big brother? Although, the imitation goes the other way when it comes to passengers; a lot of my fellow Metro riders are prone to childish outbursts, are unable to bathe themselves, and have negligible bladder control.

  • Kind of a random picture–do any of these headlines have anything to do with the Paris Theater?