Would You Vote for Swamplot?

When RECON, the newsletter of the Texas A&M Real Estate Center, asked its readers a few months ago to name the best real-estate blogs in Texas, a few of them apparently nominated Swamplot. Gee, thanks! But . . . now RECON is taking its survey a little further.

RECON now wants to know which of the 19 nominated blogs are the most “informative or useful, or . . . simply the most entertaining.” Swamplot is pitted against 3 competitors in the first round: 2 from Realtors in Austin and College Station, and Dallas Dirt, a blog about that city’s real-estate industry from D magazine.

If you’d like to vote, RECON asks you to send an email to associate editor Brian Pope and let him know “what swayed your decision.”

4 Comment

  • Oh Swamplers, you have to check out the competition. General, dull, and safe. Mostly Realtors on their best behaviour out seining for clients. We may be snarky, but we are a community.
    I haven’t felt this way about an election since Napolean Dynamite.

  • Hey I love your blog, and thanks for the mention but just to clarify, DallasDirt is not an Industry blog, it’s a consumer blog obsessed with the real estate industry. You guys do a great job!

  • Candace,

    Thanks for the comment! We’ve adjusted the description.

  • > General, dull, and safe. Mostly Realtors on their best behaviour..

    Uh, based on all the trouble I’ve gotten into, including threats of being sued, attemps at being censored when we were with a rband company, I’d say not all Realtor blogs are “dull and safe”.

    We chose not to pester our readers for successive rounds of votes. I disagree with the way RECON did the contest and they should have announced at the start that they would have multiple rounds.