WTF Is Taking the Shipping Containers So Long at the Moon Tower Inn

WTF IS TAKING THE SHIPPING CONTAINERS SO LONG AT THE MOON TOWER INN An only slightly cleaned-up report on the progress of the brewery and shipping-container redo at the Canal St. bar, straight from the Moon Tower Inn Facebook page: “as you all should know, we’re late for everything and some time’s we just plain don’t show up. but DO NOT WORRY, moon tower will be OPEN SOON. using new technology (shipping containers etc) is tricky business and moves a lil slow with our fine city. so, we’re not gonna say exactly when we’ll be back open yet ’cause we’re ass holes like that and we like the suspense. but, our brewery equipment is damn near built and the containers for the kitchen and bar are being fitted at a welding yard and are almost ready to bring on-site! so… everything’s a go! SEE YOU THIS SPRING . . .” [Moon Tower Inn on Facebook, via Eater Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Eddie S.

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  • Ass holes, probably not. Illiterate, definitely.

  • I have never once wanted to go to the Moon Town Inn for one reason…

    They don’t understand marketing. Their website is devoid of real information, their facebook page offers nothing about what they serve, where they are, what the hours are…

    It’s embarrassing.

  • If there sausages weren’t so good people would never tolerate this level of idiocy, hardly seems worth it to me.

  • They are as disorganized as ever. Not going to check out this sure mess.

  • I’m so disappointed about this. I used to love this place, but, in my opinion, it’s becoming very clear that these guys don’t care about their business.

  • I don’t think they care what you think really, and if you never show up again I don’t think they’re going to miss you. Some of the hold up is due to factors that are beyond their control–getting city approvals etc.

  • antelope hot dogs? really? porta-can
    restrooms? skanky young things? ughhh.
    and they won’t toast a bun. no weed smokin’?