Xscape to The Woodlands by Next Fall

XSCAPE TO THE WOODLANDS BY NEXT FALL One of those 2 “Houston” locations a small, Kentucky-based movie-theater chain named Xscape is building will be in The Woodlands, reports Adolfo Pesquera. Last week, investment firm Patoka Capital announced that it was still in the process of acquiring land for a pair of $15 million, 55,000-sq.-ft., 14-screen theaters in Houston — its first in Texas. But Pesquera notes that contractors have been given until this Friday to bid on construction of an Xscape complex and accompanying parking lot at 16051 Old Conroe Magnolia Rd., just north of a planned Del Webb Woodlands development. The Woodlands location will be slightly smaller than the Xscape prototype (pictured above), with only 12 screens. It’s scheduled to open in the fall of 2018. [Virtual Builders Exchange] Rendering: Patoka Capital

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  • WHAT are they thinking? A huge parking lot for a movie theater built near to two senior citizen housing developments, where the noise from boom boxes in the parking lot can be heard all day and all night. I live in the area, and WILL NOT be attending. During my last experience in a live movie theater people were talking on their phones and smartass teenagers felt the audience should be interested in their running commentary on the movie, delivered at the top of their lungs. Disaster waiting to happen. GO AWAY!

  • I’ve just found out worse–they’ll be serving BEER! The intersection of 1488 and Old Conroe Road is already dangerous enough, without complicating things with sloshed drivers coming out of the theater parking lot. GO AWAY!