You Know What They Say About Social Security

YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY Has Midtown become too hip even for the federal government? The Social Security Administration is leaving, having lost its lease at the low-slung building at 3100 Smith (shown at right), reports CultureMap’s Whitney Radley: “Once a sort of wasteland, the surrounding neighborhood teems now with development, restaurants, bars, mixed-use complexes and multifamily units . . . . speculation that the building might be prime space for a restaurant or even torn down to make room for a mid-rise, is rampant.” [CultureMap] Photo: Panoramio user Wolfgang Houston

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  • For too long my chauffeured drives to luncheons at Brennan’s have been sullied by the sight of vagabonds gathering here to feast on Commisar Obama’s government cheese, but no longer. Good riddance.

  • Sorry, but that corner will always hold a special quirky place in my heart as the Pet Shop and Bird Clinic, with llamas roaming the back yard.

    Yeah, it was filthy and atrocious, but oh so quirky.

  • I remember when that building was a pet shop and they had monkeys inside who would grab stuff out of your hands.

  • Greatest pet store ever, a little dirty but interesting. So sad the night it burned.