Your Brief Guide to Allen Stanford’s Houston Landing Pads

Having trouble keeping track of all the homes, condos, and apartments financier, philanthropist, and accused Ponzi schemer Robert Allen Stanford had set up for his relations in Houston? With all the recent news reports, following it all can get confusing.

We hadn’t encountered a comprehensive account from local media coverage. But we hadn’t checked the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, either. It turns out that reporter Patsy R. Brumfield — who is currently in the throes of withdrawal from a 6-year-long Nexium habit — had put together this quick survey of the sites of Stanford’s Houston-area comings and goings for the Tupelo, Mississippi, paper last August:

[Stanford] and his wife, Susan, now estranged, lived in the upscale Tanglewood area at 5476 Holly Springs Drive. The Spanish-style home, with red-tile roof and white stucco exterior, looks comfortable but not particularly impressive among a neighborhood of near-mansions.

His fiancée’, Andrea Stoelker, and Stanford maintained a home in the multi-storied Museum Tower at 4899 Montrose Blvd. Stoelker still lives in No. 1304 while a federal court document says Stanford’s son and daughter, Ross and Allena Stanford, and their mother, Louise Sage, who moved to Houston from Dallas, are living in the same apartment building in No. 1905.

Another reason for Stanford to ride those Museum Tower elevators:


A third woman friend reportedly resides at the Montrose address. A Houston reporter covering the story since its inception says this woman previously resided with Stanford in a Miami castle.

Adult daughter, Randi, appears to be facing eviction from her high-rise Huntingdon condo at 2121 Kirby Drive.

As reported last week, Randi Stanford has now agreed to vacate the Huntingdon unit — which was held in the name of an LLC owned by her father — by the end of March.

Brumfield continues:

Stanford’s son, Reid, has moved to Houston “to be near his father,” a document notes, and will finish high school there. His mother also is named Susan Stanford, although she and Stanford have never been married.

Another woman, named Rebecca Reeves-Stanford, who also has been attached to Stanford for decades but not married to him, is in the legal crosshairs over $1.4 million Stanford turned over to her. She reportedly bought a home in Florida, then sold it and transferred the funds to New Zealand after the receiver asked her for information about it.

Court documents also mention apartments at airports in Sugar Land, Texas, and Antigua.

Photo: The Museum Tower

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