Your Early Photos of the Trader Joe’s in The Woodlands

The Trader Joe’s market in The Woodlands looks like dirt. For now, at least. Yesterday, the company finally admitted that this tree-stripped site in the under-construction Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center at the corner of Kuykendahl Rd. and Woodlands Parkway will be the first Houston-area store to open (even though the other potential TJ’s location on the horizon — in-town, inside the former Alabama Theater — appears to be in the moving-dirt-around stages as well). Swamplot broke the news of The Woodlands store’s location last week — then asked readers to send in pics showing how far construction has progressed. And our Woodlands-area readers came through with these photos from yesterday and over the weekend, showing just how a baby shopping-center TJ’s is born:


At least the parking lot’s already in:

The store is expected to open next spring.

Photos: John White (top 2); Swamplot inbox (all others)

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  • Totally changes how I view trader joes :(

  • Well, Cody, the Keebler hollow tree wasn’t big enough, even though it does have that weird Tardis bigger on the inside thing going on…

  • Grew up in California, now live in Houston. I heard Trader Joe’s is open in the Woodlands, and will open one or two in Houston. When is it official. I live by San Felipe/Briar Forest.