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YOUR FEEDBACK WAS IMPORTANT TO US The Borders “nothing held back” liquidation sale has brought out a slew of not-so-well wishers to the Galleria store, Jef Rouner finds: “The clerks told us that a pretty significant amount of customers had come in to gloat about the liquidation prices, scold the clerks for bad business practices, harp about how Borders got just what was coming to it, and finally, openly mock the soon to be un-employees.” [Art Attack; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Flickr user e_walk [license]

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  • How typical of the Galleria crowd. I was at the Kirby/Alabama Borders Saturday night and it was all about “sorry you guys are losing your jobs”. Maybe it was all that good karma coming across the street from Whole Foods.

  • Some people are just jerks.

  • The same ones kicking em when they’re down were probably hanging out with their laptops, reading a stack of books and mags but never buying anything except during liquidation.

    It’s a sad day when even the best nabes can’t support more than one large bookstore.

  • Thats pretty harsh. Why mock those losing their job? There but for the grace of God…

  • Cell phone video or it didn’t happen.

  • You know you can get the same good karma at Kroger for half the price …

  • The Galleria store was playing a hell of a “screw you guys!” playlist the other day. It was kinda beautiful.

  • As a native of Houston, I have seen 3/4 of a million Michiganders, 1 million Ohioans, and 2 and a 1/2 million New Yorkers move into My Town. I choose to believe that none of the a$$holes were From Here. :D

  • Touche, Jimbo.

  • yeah, jeez, the employees haven’t anything to do with the pricing, the policies, the

  • Reminds me of the Circuit City liquidation coverage in this episode of This American Life:

  • The more I know of people, the more I love my dog.

  • I bet the old Ale House would still be around if they didn’t build a strip center with Borders as the main anchor.

    bars keep going, who reads books?!?!? :)

  • Wow, I guess these days it’s share the hate.
    Someone, build a time machine and do some serious recruitment from the sixties.

  • For all those loosing their jobs, I do hope they will find another position soon. I have met friends at the Borders book on kirby on many occasions and will miss it. The staff were always helpfull and kind.

  • I was at the Borders in Webster a few days ago, and saw a woman at the register trying to redeem a preorder or something, and the staff was clearly not happy (can’t blame them. They just found out they were losing their jobs through no fault of their own). The employees had clearly long since given up on the whole “treat the customer with respect” thing. It’s not like that mattered anymore anyway.
    The conversation was:
    Employee: “The order was with Borders, we’re not owned by Borders anymore, we’re owned by a liquidator. If you want to redeem that, you need to do it through Borders.”
    Customer: “But I ordered it here.”
    Employee: “Doesn’t matter. We aren’t Borders anymore. You’ll need to talk to Borders to redeem that.”
    Customer: “So how do I do that?”
    Employee: “You don’t. Borders doesn’t exist anymore.”