Your Internet Guide To Buying Property and Sailing with Cats — in Conroe!

YOUR INTERNET GUIDE TO BUYING PROPERTY AND SAILING WITH CATS — IN CONROE! An auto-translated splog spotted by the Houston Press‘s John Nova Lomax — and paid for, it appears, by the internet-savvy folks behind a Magnolia master-planned community called Magnolia Ridge — makes the international case for investing in Conroe real estate. A sample of the pitch: “If you’re a nature-loving backyard human being, Conroe happens when to suit your needs. Nestling within the pine hardwoods of Japanese Texas, Conroe has got the appropriate mixture of characteristics, background disciplines to help regale your sensory faculties. Solely 45 min’s via Houston, the lake town provides quite a few Conroe texas homes to select from. Devote your current breaks backpacking by the lake, as well as go for a walking. Unwind in the high end of your respective magnolia property with the family. Trekking, riding a bike, reef fishing, sailing along with cats will be the ways you can spend your holiday seasons with Conroe. Ask your broker . . . A Conroe real estate is definitely coveted by quite a few, possessed by simply several.” [Stock Markets Review, via Hair Balls]

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  • In Conroe all the hovercrafts are filled with eels.

  • This was clearly written by someone educted by CISD, thesaurus in hand.

  • “educated.” Define irony.

  • Japanese? Conroe? I am (perhaps not the only one) confused …

  • ….can’t stop laughing. Really want to sail with my cats in Japanese Texas. Haaa – very funny stuff! Please – I want to “regale my sensory facultites” STAT! Conroe sounds like the place for me.

  • Did Sarah Palin write that?


    purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I LOVE HOUSTON!!!


  • I’m going to take a wild stab at this and say it was either written by a foreign developer who is too cheap to hire a marketing firm…..or Sarah Palin. On second thought, it does sound a bit too intellectual to have been written by Palin.

  • Given the absence of subject/verb agreement and the awkward use of language, this was obviously written by George W. Bush. Who can see Japan from his house.

  • omg!
    Shoppers need brilliant video clip to accompany. Then laugh year-round!

  • Can’t be Palin. No mention of high-powered rifle rentals to deal with the dreaded sailing cats or that on a clear day one can see Russia across Lake Conroe.

  • I think Obama wrote it after his teleprompter broke.