Your Map to Houston Mattress Chain Stores

Map of Houston Mattress Chain Stores

Blogger and amateur bedding-sales analyst Christopher Andrews has updated a few of his maps of mattress chain stores in the Houston area (including the one shown above) to include Mattress One (or Mattress1 One, or Mattress 1 One, as the company variously refers to itself). Altogether, that Florida-and-Texas chain, plus Mattress Firm and Mattress Pro (owned by Mattress Firm), operate 166 separate retail locations in the region.


Map: Christopher Andrews

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  • Ha! There are so many of these up and down Westheimer/Richmond, you don’t even need to draw the streets on the map!

  • a lot of these stores are probably cia/homeland security fronts where they’re selling mattresses with implanted microchips in the seams as part of the police/surveilance state…to identify sleeper cells within the resistance. don’t laugh.

  • Enough with the mattress store posts. Can we move on to something more interesting?

  • What about Matress Giant? (oooh aaaahh)

  • You’ll sleep like a baby! It reminds me of when there were waterbed stores everywhere. I think there were several next to each other in a few block span along 59 near Greenway Plaza alone. Where were they all going??? Maybe they were popular in the first apartments of 20-somethings and newly divorced folks, but did Houston need that level of waterbed store saturation? The current waterbed business being what it is, I guess not.

  • We have a clear mattress desert on the eastside. Something must be done.

  • Mattress Firm bought out Mattress Giant in 2012.

  • It’s a shame the map doesn’t include additional dots showing all the small chains and mom-and-pop mattress stores in Houston’s Greater East End. There must be a dozen or so on Telephone Rd. alone between Kipp Academy and Hobby Airport.

  • Fernando,
    Its a running joke. We won’t put this one to bed.

  • Fernando, we can certainly put this mattress matter to bed. (ba dum, tssshhh).

  • This same map was posted like 10 days to 2 weeks ago please move on to something else

  • Don’t forget Mattress Overstock! There’s one of those on the Shepherd/Richmond corner, just down the street from the two Mattress1One stores.

  • I see a bunch of mattress deserts. How will people survive?

  • There is a whopping shortage of Mattresses on my side the NE…people are having to literally sleep 4-5 to a bed. 😂😂😂

  • CCarlson/Chris Andrews — I know. I’ve been reading Swamplot for years. It’s just beyond old now.

  • Mattress meme…make it stop…

  • Fascinating how the mattress stores overlap the Anglo distribution in Houston:

  • I agree with Semper Fudge, there are too many Mattress Deserts east of 59. We need to start a hashtag #MATTRESSESMATTER, and see if Michelle Obama will pose with a sign that reads “LET US SLEEP… more”.

  • I remember when there were futon stores everywhere. Anyone else remember futons? I slept on those in the 80s to show solidarity with the downtrodden in all those places that lacked decent sleep technology. I was a fool.

  • I mean, how often do people buy mattresses? I’m convinced these are money-laundering operations.

  • Shady has a point about the mattress deserts. Would the city be justified in using a 380 agreement to help subsidize the construction of a Mattress Firm in Trinity Gardens?

    I would argue it’s not just justified, it’s imperative. Mattress Justice NOW.