Zelko Bistro: We’re Not Gone Yet

ZELKO BISTRO: WE’RE NOT GONE YET Zelko Bistro, 705 E. 11th St., Houston HeightsWas the “for lease” sign (at right) posted and then removed this morning in front of Zelko Bistro at 705 E. 11th St. just part of a high-stakes lease-extension negotiation? Responding to reports that her restaurant is a goner from the Heights location and that the converted bungalow is available “immediately,” owner Jamie Zelko reports it’s all part of . . . the process? Here’s the latest from the restaurant’s Twitter account this afternoon: “Hello everyone. We are currently in negotiations to exercise our option to renew our lease. We should come to agreement soon!” [Twitter] Photo: The Heights Life

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  • Isn’t that what that other women from that other hip restaurant with closing rumors said, just before closing…

  • I’m baffled by the couple of comments (Chron.com and now here) referring to Zelko as “hip” or for “hipsters,” and I might as well say the same for the comments on all the parklet stories. I guess people think the Heights is the new Montrose, but that’s stupid; we’re YUPPIES, not hipsters.

    Zelko isn’t that hip. It’s a cool spot, I enjoy going there, but it’s very cozy and homey and inviting. I hope it stays just where it is because my yuppie boyfriend (he wears nice plaid button-downs sometimes) and I like to ride our yuppie bikes (the finest lightweight hybrids) on our yuppie Saturday mornings (mmm we don’t have children, let’s go get bloody marys) to get a yuppie breakfast there (locally sourced ingredients!)

  • “Hipster” has become the stand-in term for “anybody who seems to be doing things that are a little cooler than what I do.”

  • Zelko is one of the least hipsterish places around. The food is great, and the patrons are a wide range of folks from the neighborhood. When I have colleagues in town from overseas, Zelko is one of my favorite places to take them for lunch.

  • It’s obviously a hipster restaurant because it’s located in a bungalow and not in a big block building along a feeder road. They also do a great spaghetti bolognese (staple hipster food). End of discussion.

  • Please note that hipsters can’t afford to eat at zelko’s.

  • Theres a big difference between “Hip” and “Hipster”

    Hip- trendy, up and coming

    Hipster- Disdain for everything, and rarely showers….

  • I’ve eaten here once and will eat here again before it closes. Food was good but I really loved the small garden surrounding the back of the house.