Zimms Martini and Wine Bar Migrating to Whiskies and Beer; Opening New Restaurant Next Door


The restaurant spot at 4319 Montrose Blvd. just south of Richmond Ave (at left in the photo above) that until mid-February was home to Thai Sticks — and was earlier the longtime home of Monica Pope’s Boulevard Bistro — will soon be home to an unidentified new restaurant run in part by Dan and Mark Zimmerman. Four years ago, the Zimmermans turned the restaurant at their parents’ La Colombe d’Or into Restaurant Cinq; they later opened and closed Zimm’s Little Deck in the 610 Richmond spot also owned by their parents (that spot is now home to the Brooklyn Athletic Club).


Zimms Martini and Wine Bar and Former Thai Sticks Location,  4319 and 4321 Montrose Blvd. at Oakley, Museum District, Houston

The younger Zimmermans also have plans for Zimms Martini and Wine Bar on the corner lot next door at 4321 Montrose (at right in the photos), which for the last 17 years has been run by their mother Becky. “They have decided to move away from a martini-driven menu and focus more on whiskies, hand-crafted cocktails and distinctive beer selections,” reads a press release announcing the changes. Zimms will remain open during renovations; the resulting neighborhood bar promises to have a “sleek, new look” when it’s done.

Photos: Zimms Bar

Replacing Thai Sticks

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  • It’s sweet that their dad is letting his sons play restaurant and bar, but zimm’s little deck and la Colombe d’or haven’t exactly been successes under their reign. Zimms little deck is now BAC and I’ve been to La Colombe D’or a few times when I was the only client. Please renovate or sell because the hotel smells and looks dumpy. Let the kids play office doing something else.

  • Pappa Zimmerman is a smart guy. But the sons look and act like the typical “bros” you see shooting Yeager bombs on Washington Ave.
    I think pappa Z is trying to use his $ to show his sons the ropes. The problem is if you’re not self made and the $ to play isn’t your own livelihood at risk, it’s hard to learn those lessons.

  • Based on the kids successes they’ll lease it out to a qualified operator within 18 months.

  • That’s some piping hot hate y’all are spewin’. Don’t know anything about the hotel, but I was a fan of Little Deck when it first opened. The charbroiled oysters were the bomb and the atmosphere was nice. Unfortunately, they had quality creep over time and the prices on drinks were ridiculously high. I think they’ve got the right idea.

  • I also liked Zimms Little Deck, but I agree that their quality went down over time, while the price point was high.

  • The first time I went to Little Deck it was a bit expensive, but good enough to come back. 2nd time it was just awful. I cant remember all the issues, but I know one of my dishes was totally missing the key sauce that made the dish. It was never crowded at all, which was nice.