How To Vote in the 2009 Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate

Your vote in this year’s Swampies is important. Here’s how to make sure it counts — twice!

The story that announces the official nominees in each category also serves as a ballot box. You can vote for a nominee in each category simply by adding your comment to the story and indicating your preference in that contest. If you’d prefer to cast your ballot with a little more privacy, you can send Swamplot an email indicating your preferences. Just make sure you specify which category you’re voting in. If you vote by email, you can vote in each category as the official nominees for that category are announced — or you can wait until all the nominees are announced in all of the categories and send in a single email containing all of your votes.

You’ll find all the official-nominee posts that have been published so far on this page.

You may cast one vote in each category using comments or email. If you attempt to vote more than once for a particular category using either of these methods, all of your votes will be disregarded. If you change your mind about a vote before the voting period ends, though, you can still change it: Write us a note referencing your original vote and indicating what changes you would like to make.

This year we’re adding a twist: You can vote for the winner in each category a second time, through Twitter. But if you want your Twitter votes to count, you’ll need to follow these instructions carefully.

Have a favorite candidate you’d like to see win one of the awards? Why not start a campaign? Link to the awards on your blog or on Facebook; encourage others to retweet your Twitter votes; or post about them on forums you frequent. Encourage your friends to visit Swamplot and vote!

All votes must be submitted before 5 pm CST on Monday, December 28th. The decisions of the judges are final.