The Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate 2011: How To Make a Nomination

Welcome to the fourth annual Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate, where you get to choose the nominees! Here’s how the system works:

Nominations are opened in each award category as the category is announced. You can enter your nomination for a category in a comment to the post announcing that award category. Or you can submit a nomination — more privately — in an email to the Swamplot tip line (be sure to put the name of the category in the subject line). Nominations for each category will be accepted for one week. After that week, the best-presented choices will be opened for voting.

Here’s a page that shows all the award-category announcements that have been made so far.

You may submit as many nominations as you like in each category. But your choices will have a better chance of succeeding if you use the opportunity to make your point in a clever and convincing way. When the actual awards open for voting, each selected nomination will be introduced with some edited bastardization of the arguments readers made in the nomination. So be eloquent and persuasive! If you can send your own photos in support of your nomination, that will help a lot — and it’ll likely help you make your case to voters. Send images to the Swamplot tip line, but be sure to identify them and indicate what they’re for.

Comments to nominations posts will be counted as nominations only. Nominations may be seconded, expanded, or improved. Even simple “me too” posts might help an entry find a place on the actual ballot, but they won’t be counted as votes for the winner. The actual voting begins in the second week. Stay tuned!