New Stomping Grounds on 34th St. Will Make Former Industrial Buildings Next to Slowpokes Shine

Coming soon to the complex of light-colored industrial buildings across 34th St. from the Pat H. Foley funeral home and its accompanying embalming services facility, the Hare Krishna Temple and Cultural Center, and the Foster Family YMCA between them just south of Oak Forest: a 17,831 sq.-ft. retail and restaurant center redo. Revive Development’s Stomping Grounds, which will also include 5,000 sq. ft. of upstairs office space, is to be carved out of 4 buildings on a 3-acre site formerly occupied by vehicle-repair and service companies and the Bank Shot pool hall.

Drawings from Cisneros Design Studio show the 2-story metal building at 1229 W. 34th St. (pictured above) formerly occupied by a succession of electrical companies cleaned up, reconfigured, and outfitted with cantilevered balconies and glass curtain walls. A new building modeled after it is shown to the east, with an 8,000 sq.-ft. lawn bordered by patios fitted between.

224 parking spaces will surround the center’s main buildings and garden. Here’s a plan of the entire site:


Immediately to the east of Stomping Grounds: the Alba St. strip center containing coffee and wine bar Slowpokes and its backyard oak trees, both labeled “not a part” in the drawing above.

Here’s the former flooring-company structure identified in the plan as Building A, at the western edge of the site:

Images: Revive Development

Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, or Thereabouts

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  • Could this be why Slowpokes is having issues with their landlord wanting to cut down the trees and take their outdoor patio? Looks to me from the drawing below that there may be some inside deals going on between the two landlords in order to create a passage between the two developments. It’s as easy as taking the fence down… then you would have passage to stomping grounds from Alba. Do have to be an IVY league grad to figure this one out lol.

  • @WeSeeYou Hi there, that is a different property and property owner. There will be no access to the Stomping Grounds from Ella, only 34th. Happy to answer any other questions you have

  • @WeSeeYou – Sorry, meant to say Alba, not Ella. There will be no Stomping Grounds access from Alba, only 34th.

  • When will they break ground? When will it Be complete?