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  • Mr. Toby approves of cannon balling the F outta that pool. Access. Granted.

  • I’m curious to know a little more about this area. It seems like Pearland on steroids (Mediterranean style homes built on prairie with no trees). Do people really pay $400/sq foot to live in Dickinson and who is their target demographic when selling/staging homes for sale? Is this pricing consistent with the market area or is it someone taking a shot in the dark to see if someone is willing to pay?

  • its probably a shot in the dark.. there is one down the street that is even bigger for 2.2 mil
    418 Lakeview,
    Dickinson, TX 77539

  • Dickenson. Funny.. One of the first properties I EVER bought was a single family home in that area. Maybe 12 years ago? Paid about $110k. Put a renter in there for about $1200
    Fast forward 10+ years. It’s worth about $120k, and rents for $1,300
    That area has been stagnant for over a decade.