08/14/18 1:45pm

No need to knock on your way into 2309 Morse St. — the mer-person standing in the doorway will see you and can even receive envelopes through a crotch-level mail slot. On the other side of the door, the dining room’s decor is less watery, with a peacock perched up on the accent wall shown on the left in the photo above.

Although it’s now under contract, the house is still showing, so here’s a closer look at those wallflowers:


Deep-Sea Listing
08/08/18 4:00pm

The former art and event space dubbed the Indian Summer Lodge — tucked in between the MKT Trail and Blue Line Bike Lab on the corner of White Oak Dr. and Columbia St. — is now being shopped around to potential new owners. Pictured at top from the north is the 16,170-sq.-ft. trapezoidal property, home to a Quonset hut (shown above) and adjacent lodge building.

A year after the land was briefly rumored to be taking on the Tacos A Go Go that eventually moved in 4 blocks east of it, proprietor Jeff Law sold it in 2010. Since then, most portions of a third treehouse building that also sat on site and included a rooftop balcony have been torn down.

Here’s what $1,649,000 gets you now:


Indian Summer Lodge
08/02/18 3:30pm

Amid all the foliage inside 1118 Horseshoe Dr., the liveliest specimen is this vertical one; it rises from the rocky atrium by the front door all the way up to the skylight above the second-story railing. No word on the tree’s age, but the house went up in 1982 as part of the watery Sugar Lakes subdivision in Sugar Land. It’s now being shopped around at an asking price of $489,000.

An aerial view from up above the canopy shows the rooftop openings that facilitate photosynthesis:


Green Listings
08/01/18 9:30am

“BEYONCE! MED CENTER! CLOSE TO EVERYTHING!” proclaims the listing for 2414 Rosedale St., the singer’s early childhood home in Riverside Terrace. Matthew and Tina Knowles bought the house in January, 1982 back when Beyoncé was just shy of 5-months old. Located 2 blocks north of Southmore Blvd. and one east of Hwy. 288, it hit the market a few weeks ago for $500,000.

Stepping through its front entrance portal puts you in the foyer, next to the staircase:


Destiny’s Infant