01/18/18 12:00pm

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Appreciation calculations for Houston’s most popular neighborhoods have been published at JustBuyersHouston.com. In the 10-year ranking, the Westbury area (77035) showed the highest level of appreciation in price paid per square foot (75 percent). Meyerland, right next door, showed the lowest (12 percent).

For the last 12 months, the Museum District and Montrose/Upper Kirby led the pack. This could be a result of new construction in those areas, Just Buyers Houston’s Judy Thompson notes. Meyerland showed the greatest decline in price paid per square foot in the previous 12 months, likely — Thompson notes — a result of flooding.

For more up-to-date data on the Houston market, check out the Just Buyers Houston website.

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Central Bank has 4 (central) Houston branches available to meet your business or personal needs: in Midtown, the Heights, West Houston, and Post Oak Place.

Central Bank believes that change is essential to its success; the company actively pursues the latest in service, technology, and products. Central Bank aims to know its customers personally and to be their primary business and personal financial resource. The bank’s staff values relationships and strives to be available when you need them.

To learn more about how Central Bank can meet your banking needs, please call any of the following Senior Vice Presidents: Kenny Beard, at 832.485.2376; Bonnie Purvis, at 832.485.2354; Carlos Alvarez, at 832.485.2372; or Ryan Tillman, at 832.485.2307. You can also find out more on the bank’s website.

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01/09/18 12:30pm

Just how many would-be customers have been pulling up to the Golden Bagels & Coffee storefront at the corner of White Oak and Oxford, yanking on the locked front door, then walking away? Enough that the proprietors have seen fit to post a handwritten sign this morning telling them they’ll SEE YOU TOMORROW. The Heights’ first-ever bagel shop has already received 3 reviews on Yelp — one a 1-star rating (since upgraded to 3 stars) knocking the establishment for not being open this past Sunday even though the hours painted on the front door suggest otherwise, and two 5-star reviews submitted with the intention to counterbalance the first, noting that the shop at 3119 White Oak Dr. has not yet opened for business.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Heights Bagel Stakeout
01/08/18 2:30pm

Spotted in the pre-retail hours at 2512 University Blvd. by morning Rice Village dog-walker Gerrit Leeftink: This convocation of under-dressed athletic figures — in warm-up mode outside the local outlet of women’s clothing chain Athleta.

More views of the gathering, as participants awaited their new attire indoors:


Street Mannequins of University Blvd.
01/04/18 12:00pm

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For up-to-date data on market conditions for single-family properties by price range in 21 of Houston’s most popular ZIP Codes, check out the MarketWatch Summary page on the Just Buyers Houston website.

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Time for a shopping break! Swamplot Shoppers now trawl the ’nets daily looking for fabulous, freaky, or fantastical finds to suit your fancy. Plus: Gawking at these goods is a great way to support Swamplot. See below for the treasures we’ve dredged up today!

In today’s edition: Turning over a new leaf . . . for a new year!


Swamplot Shopper
12/29/17 11:00am

What’s happened to this storied Walnut Bend Mod by Robert Pine from the 1960 Houston Chronicle Parade of Homes since it last appeared on Swamplot in 2010? Well, it finally soldfor $120K — the following year. (In 2014, it traded hands again, for approximately $287K, without making an appearance on MLS.) Also, new windows were cut into the living room and master bathroom, adding openings to the once-blank stone-faced walls on the front facade. There’s also this brand new screened-in patio, inserted between the carport and the main house in back, like so:


Eyes on the Street
12/28/17 2:00pm

THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN–THEMED BREWERY COMING TO GARDEN OAKS’ BEER ROW Construction began earlier this month, reports Jen Para, on a 1,600-sq.-ft. brewhouse for Walking Stick Brewing Co. in Garden Oaks. Also on tap for the 16,948-sq.-ft. site at 957 Wakefield Dr., pictured above from the back, which faces Judiway: a 3,600-sq.-ft. bar and patio featuring the brewery’s 7 beers, each of which is named after a peak in the Rocky Mountains. Walking Stick will sit directly across the street from the volleyball courts at Wakefield Crowbar and its neighboring Great Heights Brewing Co. microbrewery. Petrol Station is at the end of the block, at Golf Dr. [Houston Business Journal] Photo: Walking Stick Brewery

12/26/17 12:30pm

A FLOOD OF CHRISTMAS DINERS AT VIETOPIA An impromptu performance surrounding a centerpiece aquarium greeted Christmas dinner diners at Vietopia yesterday. Loud screams accompanied the appearance of twin streams springing from a leak in the glass on the dining side of freestanding structure at the Vietnamese restaurant in the Plaza in the Park (better known as the Kroger shopping center just south of the Southwest Fwy. on Buffalo Spdwy.) As a steady fountain of fishwater aimed itself at a nearby table or 2, the restaurant’s staff sprung into action: Large plastic garbage cans were deployed quickly to catch the water, and waiters used nets to collect the fish and transport them to new homes. [Wendy G Young Lightwalker, via abc13] Video: Wendy G Young LightWalker

12/22/17 2:30pm

LIT FOR CHRISTMAS Our warmest and brightest holiday greetings to you — for Christmas and for any other important seasonal remembrances you celebrate. Swamplot is checking out early today, full of good cheer. And we’ll be taking a break from publishing for the long weekend, but our extensive archives of Houston real estate lore will of course will be available to resolve (or reignite) any heated disputes that might arise at family gatherings. Do please check back in with us again on Tuesday for the latest in late-2017 coverage of Houston’s vast built environs. Photo of O’Quinn Medical Towers: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool