A Soaring View of Progress on the 23rd St. H-E-B

Red hyphenated signage hasn’t yet put a name to the building, but you can see all the other makings of H-E-B’s second second-story Houston grocery store from above in the video at top. The footage starts off over N. Shepherd, then pans around the corner of 23rd St., offering a view of the former Fiesta site from the south.

Back in March a spokesperson for the grocer told The Leader’s Landan Kuhlmann to expect a “late fall opening,” meaning the store’s debut could coincide roughly with the 2 year anniversary of the dry zone modification its management pushed for prior to construction.

Video: Brandon DuBois

Doubly Decked Out

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  • Ready for this to blow Kroger out of the water. They’re always out of certain produce, the produce that is in stock sucks, nothing is stocked, the meat/fish counter is the worst, etc…

  • I wish they had reversed this design, so the store is on Shepherd and the parking is in the back. From the road, it just feels like a giant parking garage. There is no neighborhood feel at all, which might have been nice in the redevelopment of this corridor.

  • I get what you’re saying, but that doesn’t make much logistical sense. They’re not going to have the ass end of the store facing Shepherd. Aside from being ugly, the back end of the store needs to be…in the back, so they can receive deliveries.

  • People drive to the grocery store. Making them drive around back to park is inefficient. If you walk to the grocery store, just walk around back and you won’t see the parking lot.
    Next problem.

  • Sincce the store isn’t at street level, re-orienting it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. But activating the pedestrian realm by including some retail at the ground level, at least along the Shepherd frontage, would help.
    It changes the parking calculation, though.