Yes, The Heights Dry Zone Petitioners Really Did Collect Enough Signatures For a Vote

YES, THE HEIGHTS DRY ZONE PETITIONERS REALLY DID COLLECT ENOUGH SIGNATURES FOR A VOTE TABC regional headquarters in Heights Medical Tower, 427 West 20th Street, Suite 600 Houston Heights, Houston, 77008Tuesday’s city council meeting gave the formal OK to the H-E-B-backed Heights Beverage Coalition’s petition for a local option election on whether or not to allow the take-home sale of beer and wine within the boundaries of the nominal dry zone formerly known as City of Houston Heights. The number of signatures required was set as 35 percent of the voters in the affected zone who voted in the 2014 governor’s election — which county clerk Stan Stanart pegged at 1,511 in early July. The city secretary announced the petitioner’s total as 1,759 valid signatures; Tuesday’s vote to approve those findings means the measure will be on the ballot in November. [City of Houston, Houston Public Media; previously on Swamplot] Photo of TABC regional headquarters at 427 W. 20th St.: LoopNet

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  • Wish they would put casino gambling, weed, and renaming elementary schools on a ballot.. :(

  • Fingers crossed that I can finally buy beer at Kroger.

  • This bit of weird alcohol prohibition cannot be gotten rid of fast enough.

  • Heightsresident, the Kroger at 20th & Rutland may be too close to the junior high school; per TABC, the distance required is 300 feet unless the city oks an exception. Therefore, the CVS and the Walgreen’s would also be too close. (Yes, most drugstores carry alcohol) Any retail location that wants to obtain the correct license can sell alcohol up to 17%. 3 homeowners I know live on the boulevard within a block of Sunny’s and they are very concerned. But, I rather expect the on-demand people and well-funded campaign will prevail. How can a person obtain PAC disclosures?

  • I kind of like the prohibition and hope it stays for no other reason than its qurikiness. I think it is cool and unique. Houston does like to destroy its uniqueness and history though. Really folks, just drive a little further or better yet, brew your own! I am sure it wont service. Of course now-a-day everybody had got to have some some cause that they are blindly and belligerently passionate about.