2 New Projects Eat Up Downtown Living Tax Breaks; The Most Expensive Homes Sold in Houston Last Year


Photo of Southwest Fwy.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That apartment off Franklin NE of the Ball park will be a great addition to that part of town. Also the developing area close to Toute Suite will be a good walkable venue for the residents to walk to. They will just need to dodge the homeless in that area and they will be good.

  • so a guy moves into a house that is across the street from a commercial property that has been there for 35 years and complains that it’s a commercial site? I’m sorry, but that’s funny.

  • The article doesn’t say when the guy or his family bought the house across from Goodman, but the homes in that section of Timbergrove were built in the mid-1960’s. So if they are the original owners then they were there before Goodman. If that’s the case, I can understand his frustration.

  • Re: Holmes Rd. Transfer Station:
    So a company buys land on the site of an old dump (a dump that neighbors fought long and hard to shut down) thinking they’re going to put a waste transfer station there, and doesn’t expect any opposition?! It’d be funny if it weren’t so common, and infuriating.
    Honestly, the people along Holmes Road have every reason to be concerned, because transfer stations cause serious problems to the areas around them. There’s the odors and dust, but there’s also the fact that If they require permits, they exacerbate illegal dumping problems in the area. Small contractors and DIYers show up, are turned away for lack of permits, and dump ilegally down the road. They’ve learned this the hard way around the Ruffino Hills. (If they let anyone dump there, there’s terrible traffic and occasional illegal dumping when people show up after hours – go over to Westpark and see for yourself).

  • @toasty,

    It’s that old chicken/egg thing…….. According to the county clerk’s site, looks like this man’s parents bought that lot and built that house in 1967. That’s a bit more than 35 years.

    But yes, if he had just moved there, it would be funny. Reminds me of people that buy new townhomes or condos right next to a railroad track then complain about the trains.

  • I live in Germantown and I’m PSYCHED about the Pegstar venue! I’m going to start a petition in SUPPORT of it.

  • LWD- make sure you exactly how “psyched” you are in your petition.