288 Exit on I-45 N. Closing; CBD Infused Coffee in EaDo; Lone Star College Adding Magnolia Campus

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  • Saving my appetite for ice cream filled deep fried butter with insulin sprinkles in a hamburger cone.

  • Re: TxDOT Starts Work On New Freeway Connector Ramp

    It’s just like TxDOT to inflict MAXIMUM “INCONVENIENCE” on Houston area drivers by scheduling construction during UoH classes and scheduling them to finish at the start of the much lighter summer semester It will also hurt the Rodeo attendance as well which kicks off right now. What harm would have been done by delaying it until a time when traffic is much lighter? There ought to be a law to control the GOP Nazis in Austin who decided this “schedule”

  • I’ll make my points better by claiming everyone I don’t agree with is a Nazi. It’s not like I lack the insight that actual Nazis came into power and committed atrocities by villainizing their opponents with that kind of screed.

  • @turning_basin agreed. People need to open a textbook more often. or just youtube it.

  • Yes. Great idea. Let’s do road work around city cinic’s schedule. To not do so rises to the level of evil committed by the Third Reich. Sounds like U of H is doing a fine job of eduacating their students. I’ll remember that the next time I’m loooking at resumes.

  • @city cynic I’m not entirely sure how TxDOT is operated, but they have local branches in all the major cities, so I would assume the people making the decisions for Houston are located here as well. Which of course makes their inane decisions all the more inexcusable…

  • Godwin’s law in action, and already on the second comment! This must be a very hot topic.

  • regarding the Panda Garden in the Randall’s shopping center at Weslayan and Bissonnet.. I had my son’s hair cut at the SuperCuts there recently and the barber said she had heard (after Office Depot closed) That developers were going to tear down part of shopping center and build a high rise. Can anyone else give credence to this or perhaps just speculation/rumor?

  • I call them like I see them

  • There really is no good time to close that ramp, so they might as well get it done ASAP. But at least the alternate routes/detours are all freeways, thanks to the downtown freeway loop, which is way better than having to exit on to St. Joseph and turning left on Hamilton to get to the 59S ramp at Webster.

  • For all the folks that are freaking out about the ramp closure: isn’t it likely that a lot of the traffic to be affect is coming from outside Loop 610, and could thus simply detour to the South Loop?

  • I’m a little late to this party….. but, the lane weaving is more from people using the faster 59 exit lane up until the point they have to sneak over into the 45 lanes to get on the pierce. Very similar to the 527 split as you approach downtown on 59. Not too many people get on at scott street to haul it over the 59 exit. Moving the 59S exit over to the right will just cause more “weaving” from the other side. Really, they should just shut the scott entrance ramp. It doesn’t make sense to have cullen and scott entrances so close to one another and encourages a lot of the weaving (you don’t want to get caught in the merging traffic from these entrances so you hang left until you have to cut over for the pierce).