609 Main Half Leased; More White Oak Music Hall Still To Come; Walls You ‘Gotta See’


Photo of Sunset Heights construction: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • (Can’t actually comment on the SotD and it would be tacky to do so anyway.) Da fuh? Lake in Spring Branch? Google Street View shows me that this new development adjoins a strip center that contains “99c & more”, “HAIR-creator”, Boost mobile, and the cherry on top, “Triple 777 Games & Fun”. Can you say 8-liners? Keep it classy, Spring Branch!

  • Why is mayor turners answer for everything to call for state or federal money? Can’t we solve anything using the money we have?

  • @GoogleMaster, Kind of taking a cheap shot at Spring Branch. It’s no different than the heights today or montrose 10 years ago in that you can have half million dollar homes next to something less than ideal. It will all transition.

  • Is the above photo one of a subfloor/foundation? If so, shouldn’t the lumber in the trusses be pressure treated?