A Galveston Trolley Comeback; Live Oak Friends Meeting House Skyspace Reopens; Here Come the Europeans


Photo of Houston Food Truck Park, East Downtown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • When HISD says there are thousands of homeless children, they’re being disingenuous. HISD considers children living with grandparents, more than one family in a household, and living with friends as homeless. In the rest of the world that’s a normal home.

  • “…European sensibility…” Relaxed attitudes toward nudity?

  • @commonsense: you’re right, maybe Houston should embrace transient housing for children and establish a motto of “Striving for Third World Status.” We’re already half way there on the public works, public schools, and healthcare fronts.

  • @Carpetbagger, not sure where you were going with that but my point was that the numbers thrown around are not realistic and those people (homeless on paper only) do not need help. Having a bedroom for each child, a TV, and internet, is not a human right.

    When I hear “European Sensibility” I envision uber-controlling central government, bloated social programs, and failed and broke experiment called EU.

  • @commonsense
    The troll is strong in this one.
    Your philosophy is pretty hardcore, no?
    “Because someone, somewhere has it worse than you, you don’t deserve help or sympathy.”
    Signed, commonsense and the GOP.

  • Huh. When I hear “European sensibility” I think delicious foods and beverages, relaxed attitudes, long vacations and cultural pleasantries, periodically interrupted by fascists and/or ethnic cleansings.

  • Helping someone sounds noble however it is not free nor cheap… If you help people too much it may cost you the entire country… Roman Empire, USSR, and soon Venezuela and Greece. You have to draw a line and help selectively and wisely.

    You also have to allow certain people to fail to demonstrate the hazards of bad choices and not being productive in life.

  • Re: Northeast Houston. The slideshow presented by Metrostudy specifically identified a huge tract on a map of master planned communities in the region. A little bit of research yielded this information. (Ahem… Nobody has done an article on it yet.)


  • commonsense “hearts” Ayn Rand, how sweet. . .

  • “It’s all someone else’s fault and obligation to fix. 0 personal responsibility.”

    DNA Guy and The Democrats

  • Some of those may be transient housing, some may be normal nontraditional families…either way they are not what average people would define as ‘homeless’. When they say homeless almost everyone thinks of kids sleeping under a bridge begging for money at the traffic light.

  • Holy crap–parsing “homeless” now. If you and your family are couch-surfing at friends’ or relatives’ apartments or houses, sure you have a roof over your head, but it ain’t “home”. If it isn’t your bed to call your own, you are homeless. I wonder if the problem isn’t worse than reported because kids and their families are ashamed to be honest.