A Hop-on-Top Tower for Texas Children’s; How HPD Can Track Your Mobile Phone


Photo of home near Mills St. and Mary St. in the Fifth Ward: David Elizondo via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Bond (n) –
    1.) a way to tax people by deferring / delaying the cost and have the populous not realize they are being taxed
    2.) the Republican answer to any infrastructure issue

  • I want to be the architect/engineer who designs a 19 story building to be built atop of a six story structure. Props to that guy/gal !

  • Eater is a day late and a dollar short. Another lessee has already signed for the old Stella Sola space.

  • @ c.l.

    FYI – the 6 story building that the new addition will sit atop of was designed to receive this addition down the road. The original 2 story tower TCH Women’s pavilion was initially designed to be 2 – 25 story towers, but was later reduced to 1 tower and a 6 story neighbor to be expanded down the road once healthcare bounced back (if you recall, the women’s pavilion was built in the lowest part of the recession and healthcare took a major hit).

    This isn’t the first time Texas Children’s has expanded up. Back in roughly 2006 they expanded the Feigin Center, which was also planned for when the original building was designed.

    So, props really go to the original design team for doing their due diligence and planning for such vertical expansions. It’s a sad reality, but most of the buildings going up around town currently only focus on the immediate future and return and ignore the future needs to possibly expand up and not out.

    Oh, and trust me, you don’t want to be an architect or engineer with an unsolvable design problem such as expanding up when the exisitng structure will never support it

  • this stingray thing just rubs me the wrong way.
    if I were to go out and buy some equipment to do this same thing it would be considered illegal. if I can’t do it without special permission, they shouldn’t be able to either.
    Just another example of our slowly eroding privacy.

  • Re: 19 story – Is this going to be the high-rise equivalent of a “humpalow?”

    Re: Energy HS – The old Lockhart site has sat quietly for a couple years now (since Lockhart’s demolition) with a sign announcing a sealed bid sale of the land. When did that change, and why was the sign never removed? Were no bids received? Or were they too low?

  • Still do not understand the justification of a tax bill steadily going up on an existing property when there is no increase in services required. Where are the rate decreases to neutralize, or at least contain? These politicians are getting drunk with the increasing revenue from both new construction and reappraisals, and not planning for the day all of that will be gone. Property/school/MUD tax is the Achilles heel for the Houston area.