A Lower Price To Keep Golf at Gus Wortham; Lyft Says Lift Fingerprinting Requirement or It’s Outta Here

Downtown Houston from Site of Elan Heights, Taylor St. at Usener St., Woodland Heights, Houston

Photo of Downtown from site of Elan Heights: Ashley Day


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  • Wow 14 active projects for residential downtown seems significant. Maybe the non-Main Street parts of downtown will start to see more night life, retail and general biotic movement after 6 pm.

  • I guess that people are too concerned about some trees at a Wendy’s restaurant to notice the 28-story tower in east Downtown. Surely they can find something to complain about with this tower. Extra traffic? Presumed absence of a retail component? Chicago comparison? I suppose that they’re too busy being petty about one thing to be petty about the other.

    I’ll have to remember this. If I should ever do something totally awesome, I should cut down a tree at a fast food restaurant so that people are too distracted to notice the awesome thing and start complaining about it.