A Pothole Repair Request Deluge; Contract Hiring Promises in the New Year


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re fixing the potholes. Can they economically do these stop gap measures or will those be millions of dollars taken away from real infrastructure projects?

  • RE: the pothole priority pledge
    All I can say is the Mayor better get all of the ducks in gear since 2 weeks is nothing in the world of the City bureaucracy. If wasting time was the benchmark of success, City Hall would win hands down. Heck, they could even sweep the Bureaucrat Olympics if there was such a thing.
    Back on topic: it is nice to read that the current volume of repair requests was “within the daily capacity of City staff”. Here’s to hoping that they can work a bit faster.

  • So the City of Houston is going to pour asphalt over potholes instead of fixing them?