A Record Year for Houston Tourism; Ride-Hailing Companies Headed to Galveston


Photo of East Downtown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Not to be pedantic, but the Greystar project is not in the Medical Center, it is off the northwestern edge. For-profit activity in not allowed within TMC.

  • To even imply that Metro has improved is a bold faced lie, more akin to bovine scatology… First off the service is even worse now, more infrequent, just as dangerously overcrowded and frequently late, basically amounting to no improvement at all just hype.. Not to mention while spending nothing? Another bold faced lie, who is paying for the TV and Radio ads, they’re not free, what about all the printing and rebranding the buses, also free? Absolutely not. All of this hype is a huge morass of crap primarily aimed to distract people from just how bad Metro’s service truly is.. Catch a #82, #85, or #47 route bus sometime, experience the incompetence for yourself.

  • judging a publicly tax funded transportation service solely on it’s ridership numbers is hugely deceptive. Think about the implication of this line a bit harder and try again sherlock: “Rather than run a large number of low-frequency bus routes that look good on a map, concentrate vehicles on a smaller number of high-demand routes.”

  • Business travelers are not tourists and the proof will be next year’s numbers.

  • @The Roanoke – I totally agree. Just because my boring business convention occurs in a B league city, that does not make me a “tourist” nor does it imply that I would have gone there of my volition. If it were up to me, the convention would have been in Hawaii. Conventions are more a form of overall cost and hotel availability.