A Rice University Redo in the Rice Village; What’s Important About Houston’s Old Bricks and Buildings

609 main construction

Photo of 609 Main construction: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I fear that given its location between downtown, midtown, and Montrose, Freedmen’s Town’s tranformation to townhomes and condos is an inevitability. When that happens the streets are getting redone regardless. Better to pull up the bricks now and come up with some place to re-lay them which will preserve them in a public space.

  • Living in 5th ward and knowing the people that are making the rukus about Wheatly, its more about getting attention than historic value. The same activist protested the Gun March that was cancelled a few weeks ago, but knew about the event several months in advance. They chose to let the situation blow up instead of stepping in and helping the community prevent any uneccssary outrage. Same thing happened with the school. We talked about it weeks in advance but again it was decided not to approach the situation until the construction crews started to tear it down. I really like the architecture of Wheatly and I’m glad we are going to re-create it but dont think the people arguing against its demo are doing it for anything other than self satisfaction.

  • A zip line in the dome would be the coolest thing ever!

  • All the way from 19th to Shephard!!! Oh wait… those streets are perpendicular… Do they mean from 19th and Heights to 19th and Shephard maybe?

  • @Caneco: Yes. Although the web site isn’t much help, it looks like the route will be along 19th street, from Heights to Shepherd. And it looks like it will start at noon, not 11am.