Addressing Houston’s Skilled-Labor Shortage; Revisiting AstroWorld in YouTube Doc


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  • Re: Houston’s Construction Industry Tackles Labor Shortage

    1) First we expel all the immigrant labor.
    2) Then we sit and wonder why nothing can be built/repaired.
    3) Finally we blame the “Liberals”

  • The problem with those welding jobs is that you have to pass a drug test, and apparently Americans are failing in huge numbers.

  • Construction industry is going to be good for people over the next 20 years, but Long hours, long commutes, and low pay will hurt the perception for new folks. Its hard to pick your family up and move for every job around the US.

  • Yes, who’d have thought that stagnant/declining wages, massive job instability and complete lack of benefits in a heavy cyclical industry leads to labor shortages.

  • WR: Can you tell me who’s (in any serious political position) trying to expel immigrants / immigrant labor? I employ several immigrant labors and provide housing for 100’s. I don’t think any will be expelled. But if so, okay, I’ll blame the liberals.

  • GoogleMaster: That’s actually a nice story. Hard working people that want to succeed should be rewarded. I hate when someone says “They’re taking our jobs”. Who’s “They”? Anyone in the country has the same right to any job as anyone else. The only valid claim to a “they are taking our job” is if the job actually is shipped out of the country.
    I hope those that failed the drug tests and didn’t get the job don’t end up sucking on the government teat.

  • Cody: trump for one and his bigoted minion Sessions for another …. which makes me wonder if you every read/watch anything other than Faux News. BTW, I hope all your immigrant labor has been checked out for legal work permits as heavy fines/prison sentences are soon coming ….

  • Isnt there a big down turn in the oil patch? Can those bubbas swing a hammer?
    Hello answer to labor shortage!

  • Greystar is building an age-restricted housing program? What does that mean? Over? Under? For how long?

  • WR: I’ve only seen reports of people here ILLEGALLY being removed (on CNN, Fox, CBS, etc.). Not LEGAL immigrants. So your claim that anyone wants to remove “immigrants” (without specifying people here illegally) is a bit dishonest — no?
    And even when it comes to people here illegally, I don’t see much effort being put forth to remove them. Seems they’re going after primarily violent criminals who happen to be here illegally.
    And while I’m all in favor of the government doing their job and removing people that are here illegally, I don’t think that’s my job. The IRS already forces me to be an unpaid tax collector/reporter for them. I don’t feel like trying to do ICEs job for them.

  • WR- You conveniently left off the word ILLEGAL. Typical of the border hopper apologists. If the construction industry wouldn’t have gotten in the habit of hiring ILLEGAL ALIENS ILLEGALLY, they wouldn’t be in this predicament right now. Cry me a river.

  • Notice the labor shortage is about skilled labor. They should start more actively recruiting at high schools to get more kids interested in the different positions available. Tell them how much they can make and you’ll see more want to do the jobs.

  • I don’t think people know what the word bigot means anymore. It’s now just some word socially regressive liberals bandy about whenever they don’t have a leg to stand on.

  • i’ve been noticing lately on this old house, mike rowe’s been a guest on there and together theyve been trying to publicize the skilled labor shortage issue. i was a little surprised at how shallow the linked article above was. i was hoping they would talk more about what people can do to address the problem. it looks like rowe et al are helping to offer scholarships for trade schools and trying to do PR work to challenge the idea that a 4 year degree is the only path to a good job. probably wouldnt hurt to restore funding to shop classes at public schools too, but i’m not sure how likely that is.