An ‘Agri-Hood’ Grows in Fort Bend County; Downtown’s Billboard Beehives


Photo of the West Loop: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That “AG-hood” idea will is interesting, and the Grand Parkway/West Airport area is a good location: since it’s really on an edge with residential (Aliana subdivision) on one side, and farmland on the other. (I drive by there every week for work.)
    On the Pinemont Park & Ride. I really wish Tory Gunsolly would be honest about his numbers. That 100,000 number he likes to bring out, is NOT a justification to build new affordable housing units.. There might be a shortage of Public and Voucher-accepting housing in Houston, but there is NOT a shortage of affordable housing in the metro area, and there hasn’t been since the 1980s. As I’ll keep saying until I’m blue in the face (regardless of how many insults might get hurled at me): we don’t have a quantity problem for affordable housing in Houston: we have a quality problem. The HHA could easily find, rehab, and bring into the voucher program 100,000 units of existing housing, if only HUD would let them.

  • I’m not sure why they removed the beehives from that sign. The article doesn’t say anything about complaints or danger to people. It seems like they took it down because they just don’t want the bees there. This seems like a good place for bees. They are isolated from homes and people and still able to perform their ecological function. Live and let live I say.

  • Pinemont Park N Ride – the “community” wants commercial development – they have a Food Town (not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s just down the street), there is a Super Target, a Walmart Supercenter and a bunch of restaurants and other retailers nearby on 290 – so what exactly do they want? There used to be a Signature Kroger at Antoine & Tidwell (before that it was an Albertson’s) – now it’s a charter school so apparently the area does not need another supermarket. Somehow I don’t think 2 years is going to make a dramatic difference in the value of the property–I’d like to see something to back up that claim. Maybe it should be a park with baseball fields, dog park, and other amenities with attractive landscaping and lots of trees, because that stretch of Pinemont is pretty dismal. That would probably be more helpful than any “commercial” use, but it won’t happen.

  • @Duston: Those were my thoughts. What with the bee collapse, billboards seem like a good place for more hives. I vote we build more giant billboards and seed them with bee colonies. Maybe even work them into the advertising with some clever puns.

  • @Memebag: All our messages will bee in your face. People are all a buzz over the latest products. Let’s pollinate the message to the masses.