Another Ax-Throwing Venue Has Sights Set on Houston; Aliana Development To Develop Land Outside Aliana

Photo of Harris County Courthouse: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Axe throwing at a bar. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Let me axe you a question that will stump you…

  • The owner of KickAxe bar in Brooklyn says “We’ve been open a month and there have been no fatalities!” Getting insurance for these places is difficult, but I suppose it’s mainly because underwriters have no prior data to go on. And it sounds pretty hazardous.

  • Add a few firearms and you’ll be in Texas heaven!

  • There are drunken axe throwing contests once a year in Harris County at the Ren Fest. Its the one time of year I get to drink mead and throw an axe but damn it, i’m going to do them both to my fullest. I just have one axe to grind about the Ren Fair that I see being a problem with this venue.
    When you go to a Buffalo Wild Wings and stay past 9pm, one of the most popular things for young testosterone drunk men to do is play the punching bag game. Now instead of a bag, you will have every guy trying to throw an axe 70mph through a plywood wall and some manager type saying hey dont throw so hard. Broken axes and hard feelings will be numerous. Great concept and I’d like to hear about it’s success in Brooklyn.