Another Day of Harvey; Addicks and Barker Releases Begin; How To Monitor Flooding on Snapchat

Photo of I-45, Downtown: o texano via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Poor Houston. Stay strong, Houston. Despised though you are, it’s because they hate your greatness. The goal has been to destroy Houston. Most recently, the globalists and Houston haters tried to crush us with another man made 80’s style oil crash, but our resilience withstood that attack, as we maintained and were clearly getting beyond that. Our amazing strength and resilience, and the fact that we beat back a crash, pissed them off…so now they resort to plan B, another man made Katrina-esque deluge to finally wipe Houston out (so all its haters can finally benefit, gloat and celebrate, of course). I knew from the earliest reports of “Harvey” on all the fake news that it was fishy, but when a friend sent me this video, I said BINGO! Fake Weather! We know God controls the weather, but in these last days man has become so wicked, they now manipulate it. It’s sinister and sick. Let’s hope for Houston’s sake, there’s a silver lining in the remnants of those fake clouds. Be strong, Houston…God bless you as you survive: Harvey, The Latest Man Made Storm

  • You could be right Honest Truth..we’ll likely never know. One thing we can expect though is that Houston will be a less attractive place to live for many here and many who might’ve moved here…this will affect growth for decades.