Another Snooze for Houston; Tracking Personal Responses to Harvey; T. Boone Pickens’s Giant Texas Ranch Up for Sale

Photo of 609 Main: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • They should have changed the name of Lowbrow when they took over the lease in June. I can’t think of a restaurant with a worse reputation for poor service. I always enjoyed the food when I went, but the place was ran like an amateur operation. I never was able to try it after Ray/Sheely took over, though.

  • Lowbrow — just turn it back into Chicago Pizza and I’ll go.

  • T. Boone is an interesting man…I love that he has been slowly divesting of his wealth and forking it over to charity. He is really leaving his mark as he fades away. That ranch is an iconic blend of Texan hubris, tack and beauty. Neat to see all the photos.

  • “T-Bone’s” ranch would make a great state park and there is essentially nothing more of significance to develop. Texas should look into purchasing this pristine property.

  • Lowbrow – it’s a shame to see it close but the concept didn’t fit the location. While close to Richmond, it’s still in a residential neighborhood. Maybe try a brunch concept, more family oriented with good service. And also maybe dog friendly. Wish a Snooze would go in here!

  • Headline should read “Real Estate execs hype real estate with out regard to anything always”