Auctioning Off Petroleum Club Leftovers; Wheatley High School’s Design by Mediation

Energy Center Five at N. Eldridge and Katy Fwy.

Photo of Energy Center Five at N. Eldridge and Katy Fwy.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Meanwhile, on the inside of Wheatley HS last year:

    886 kids racked up 1188 disciplinary actions
    Only 73% of kids graduate in 4 years
    On average, only 38% of the students scored “satisfactory” on STARR EOC tests
    The average SAT score for the “college bound” was 705 (scale 1600)

    Clearly, this community can rest easy, knowing that the kids are doing so well, all they have to worry about is a l’il ole building. Bravo.

  • But alas you forget they ARE doing something about the abysmal SAT and START scores, they are protesting with a point that those tests are racist and biased and are unfair because minority children cannot possibly know the subjects to the same level as “privileged” children.

  • Incredibly disappointed in the renderings of the new petroleum club. The whole ‘starting over fresh’ is going to ruin the place. The history and the look of the place is what made it great. There are ton of exclusive places in Houston that are new and fresh. This was the only one that felt exclusive not because of the cost/limited access, but because of the history. In the old place I could just picture the John Wayne version of Red Adair drinking a whiskey and cigar; the new place doesnt give me that feel at all.